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“A first disc, it’s always a dream, a conviction, it’s the end of the world. Sébastien VACHEZ, here, makes us dream, convinces us and takes us far away. With a programme in which he really involves himself, he enters with talent in the lineage after my own heart : lineage of guitarists-composers. And, if his disc moves me very much – Sébastien was, on the one hand, one of my most regular trainees and, on the other hand, records here four of my musics, among them “ Hommage à Frank ZAPPA ” he records before me (grande première !) – I’m sure that this young subtle and cultured artist will very quickly distinguish himself, by his creative musicality, from the plethora of excellent guitarists who, precisely, are only excellent guitarists.”

Roland DYENS, June 21st 1997

" He impressed with his find sound and projection, his deep sense of poetry, and his youthful vigour "

Colin COOPER, Classical Guitar